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Our services include providing dermal fillers in Englewood, NJ. Dermal fillers are a powerful way to reduce signs of aging and restore life and youthfulness to
the skin. As we grow older, the skin, fat, muscle and bone in our face slowly disappears, leaving
wrinkly, sagging skin in its place. Dermal fillers help by adding volume, smoothing wrinkles, and
restoring healthy, youthful-looking skin. But how do dermal fillers work, are they safe, and are
they worth it? Here’s what to know before getting injectables:

What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal fillers are substances injected into the skin by a doctor in order to reduce signs of aging
and add definition to the skin. Dermal fillers are typically made from soft, gel-like substances
such as hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, and poly-L-lactic acid, which are regarded as
safe and effective solutions for adding volume to the skin.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Before deciding whether or not to move forward with dermal fillers, it’s important to consider
both the benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the reasons why dermal filler injections are

Quick Results

One benefit of dermal filler injections is that you’ll enjoy immediate results. The entire injection
process typically requires less than an hour from start to finish.

Short Recovery Time

Another advantage of dermal fillers is that patients tend to have a quick recovery time. This is
because the procedure is quick, non-invasive, and non-surgical.


Many people who receive dermal fillers enjoy the results for up to several years. Although
receiving dermal fillers is an investment, it’s also a cost effective procedure because it’s non-
surgical and long-lasting.

What to Do Before Your Appointment

For most patients, the most common side effects of receiving dermal fillers are bruising and
swelling. However, there are steps you can take leading up to your appointment to reduce the
magnitude of these side effects. Here’s how you can prepare for your appointment:

  • Avoid dental appointments: Avoid scheduling any dental work in the weeks leading up
    to your appointment. Dental work often causes swelling, which can amplify the swelling
    or bruising you experience during your dermal filler appointment.
  • Don’t smoke: Avoid smoking in the weeks before your appointment, as this can
    increase the likelihood of complications.
  • Watch what you eat: Alcohol and salty foods may also increase your risk of swelling
    and bruising, so it’s wise to opt for foods with low sodium and avoid alcohol before your

If you have underlying health conditions, you may have a higher risk of experiencing other, more
serious, side effects, so it’s important to discuss this with your healthcare provider before your

What to Expect at Your Dermal Filler Appointment

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Coming in for our dermal fillers in Englewood is generally a quick and easy process–in fact, most patients are finished in
under an hour. Here’s what you can expect at your dermal filler appointment:

  • Pre-cleaning: Before beginning the injectables, your healthcare provider will clean your
    face to remove any extra skin or bacteria that could interfere with the injectables. During
    the cleaning, your healthcare provider may also add a lotion or cream containing an
  • Injectables: Your healthcare provider will use a small needle to gently insert the
    injectables into your skin. Although you may feel a slight sting, it’s rare to experience any
    lasting or serious pain.
  • Post-cleaning: Finally, your healthcare provider will clean your face again and may give
    you something to help with the swelling (such as an ice pack).
  • Immediate results: Most people can see immediate results after their appointment.
    Enjoy your refreshed and healthy skin!

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